Intellia, the financial analyst cloud unlocking emerging market talent globally, launches AI-powered vetting and project delivery platform

Intellia, the financial analyst cloud unlocking emerging market talent globally, launches AI-powered vetting and project delivery platform

Intellia deploys finance and strategy analysts from emerging markets to corporates and governments around the world, disrupting the $150B traditional management consulting sector.

Dubai, UAE

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Helping agile companies find the best strategy and finance consultants around the world to explore growth opportunities and unblock hurdles, the world’s first managed talent marketplace for finance and strategy analysts, Intellia is today launching an AI-powered vetting and project delivery platform for finance, strategy and public policy powered by talent from frontier markets.

Intellia offers on-demand, remote analysts that can be deployed within 24 hours, saving companies 80% on recruiting and advisory budget through its proprietary AI-driven analyst vetting, training and quality control platform. Businesses can hire remote analysts, teams or explore deeper consulting services.

Intellia's diverse analyst cloud presents the best in class finance and strategy analysts

Launched in 2020, Intellia has already established operations globally, sourcing thousands of analysts from countries as diverse as Colombia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

Intellia analysts work through its proprietary delivery and quality control platform

Having a presence in different continents allows customers to engage analysts 24 hours a day. Only the top 1% of these analysts are engaged to work with clients. Intellia analysts have gone on to be hired by leading corporates and advisory firms globally. Intellia boasts a 95% client retention rate volunteering to refund its fee pending client satisfaction. Intellia is now set to launch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Lagos, Nigeria next month.

Intellia founder and CEO, Saad Raja

Intellia founder and CEO, Saad Raja commented: “Currently, consulting firms take weeks to negotiate exorbitantly high fixed project fees with limited flexibility for businesses. On the other hand, freelancer portals provide relatively low quality, unsupervised services not fit for corporates and the public sector. Intellia is addressing this gap by engaging remote talent from emerging markets which can now participate in higher value roles in finance, strategy and public policy. By sourcing and training analysts from these markets, Intellia is on a mission to transform these countries into knowledge economies.”

Intellia's analysts at work

Intellia has over 150 vetted analysts that are already advising multinational companies with their product launches, analysing new investments for sovereign funds and private equity firms, supporting expansion projects for Michelin star restaurants in Europe, and advising African and Middle Eastern governments on increasing foreign trade inflows. Additionally, over half of Intellia’s analyst workforce is female.

Other use cases include value creation plans and portfolio monitoring; investment due diligence and memorandums; economic development policies; pricing strategies; trade, economic policies and strategies; merger and acquisition screening; deal pipeline development; financial modelling; and valuation and analysis.

Last year Intellia raised $1.5m from Fatima Gobi Ventures and high-profile technology and finance leaders including global CFOs and former Managing Partners of tier one consulting firms.

Saad Raja added : “Intellia is bridging the gap between finance education and what the industry demands. Our platform vets and trains analysts on exactly what clients need”.

About Intellia

Intellia is the world’s first managed talent marketplace for finance and strategy. Its AI-driven analyst vetting, project delivery and quality control platform helps customers engage analysts within 24 hours and save up to 80% cost. For more information please visit

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