Cornerstone University Offers New Bachelor of Science in Finance Minor in Personal Certified Financial Planning®

Cornerstone University Offers New Bachelor of Science in Finance Minor in Personal Certified Financial Planning®

Today, Cornerstone University is pleased to announce a new minor in Personal Certified Financial Planning® (CFP®). Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science business degree with a CFP® minor will be prepared to complete the prestigious CFP® examination and enter one of the fastest growing business careers in the U.S. market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next 10 years, careers in personal financial advising are estimated to grow by approximately 15%.

Students will complete courses in financial planning, investments, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance and taxation to learn how to build customized financial plans that meet unique client requirements. Cornerstone’s CFP® minor further integrates Biblical principles and a Christian worldview, enabling graduates to support client’s financial planning needs from a faith-based perspective. In addition to a broad array of internship opportunities, CFP® candidates can be part of our Groundwork Financial Center which provides practical peer financial coaching to Cornerstone students (see below). 

Equipping students with relevant, ever-changing knowledge in this growing industry and preparing graduates for the CFP® certification exam will set graduates apart in the marketplace or ministry, reflecting their readiness to serve and lead with industry skills at the highest level. 

Alexandria Baldridge, chair of the Business Division, commented, “We are pleased to offer this new opportunity for Cornerstone students. As Christians, we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the important area of personal financial planning and wellness. The issue of money and possessions is one of the most frequented topics in the Bible. Our program has been designed to provide students interested in careers in financial planning, advising, wealth or investment management to address unique client needs from a faith-based perspective.”     

Cornerstone Groundwork Financial Center (GFC) and Ron Blue Institute Partnership

Cornerstone is also committed to the personal financial well-being of its students throughout their college experience. Free financial coaching is open to students as well as faculty and staff through its Groundwork Financial Center which has partnered with the renowned Ron Blue Institute. GFC seeks to equip students and the Cornerstone community with programs, practices and tools for sound financial spending, saving, debt management and investing based on Biblical principles. 

Ron Blue founded Ronald Blue & Company in 1979, becoming the largest Christian financial planning firm in the country. In addition, Blue is also the founder of Kingdom Advisors, a ministry that empowers Christian financial advisers who seek to integrate a Biblical worldview into their advice and counsel. The Ron Blue Institute partnered with Cornerstone to help teach students Biblical financial stewardship.

Ron Winowiecki, assistant professor of finance and Groundwork Financial Center director commented: “Our approach to financial wellness is unique in that we meet the students where they are at in their own personal journey. Using RBI’s Four-H’s model, we incorporate Heart, Health, Habits and Hope into each conversation.”   

All Cornerstone students are invited to work directly with one of our trained peer financial coaches and take a course in personal financial planning. In addition, starting in the 2023-24 school year, each freshman will receive five weeks of Biblical financial wisdom training. 

“Cornerstone is one of the very few universities in the U.S. that directly educates and supports students to address their personal financial wellness,” said Winowiecki. 

In addition to Cornerstone’s high quality ACBSP accredited business bachelor’s and master’s degrees and minors, the university offers over 70 in-demand career and seminary degrees available on campus and online. Educating students to become bold, Christ-centered influencers is our mission. Explore more today!

For more information regarding the university’s degree programs, contact our admissions office at [email protected] or 616.222.1426. If you are a student, faculty or staff member interested in GFC’s free financial advising services, reach out to our GFC peer coaches at