Financial literacy classes Republican attempt at brainwashing

Financial literacy classes Republican attempt at brainwashing

Musbah Shaheen is a PhD candidate in educational studies at The Ohio State University.

Students work with checkbooks and calculators. Ohio high school students will soon be required to take a semester-long financial literacy course to graduate.

The hypocrisy of Republican legislators in Ohio had reached a new high.

Sen. Steve Wilson and his Republican colleagues recently introduced a bill to “include free market capitalism content in educational standards.”

Basically, they want school financial literacy content to teach how capitalism is good.

Did they look at current research or consult experts in financial literacy?

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Well, given that the National Standards for Personal Financial Education, which were vetted by experts in this area, do not ever mention the need to learn about free market capitalism as a learning standard for financial literacy, I would say no.

So why is Wilson demanding it be taught to everyone?

Short answer: Brainwashing.

The Republicans have been working hard to make sure that schools only teach what they want them to teach which includes no awareness of the outside world — the real world.

No talking about race or slavery or gender or sexuality. No talking about what socialism — or even communism — mean.