Grain Ecosystem Launches at North American Carbon World, Bringing Finance to Carbon Removal Projects

Grain Ecosystem Launches at North American Carbon World, Bringing Finance to Carbon Removal Projects

BOSTON, March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Grain Ecosystem will launch its innovative digital platform supporting carbon removal project development at the North American Carbon World Summit. Grain Ecosystem’s platform helps biochar carbon project partners to evaluate eligibility for carbon offsets, estimate potential impact and match carbon projects with investors to accelerate access to the carbon offset market.

“We are excited to share the work of our visionary and creative project team as we revolutionize the carbon removal space,” said Grain Ecosystem co-founder Jason Dodier. “It has been a great experience to see the growth of the company as we interact with leaders in the sustainability space and take into account their needs to make a platform suited to tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges. The North American Carbon World Summit will be an opportunity to continue to educate this rapidly changing marketplace on how Grain Ecosystem is leveraging technology and digitization to increase accessibility and reshape the biochar market.”

The Grain Ecosystem product launch will include private beta access for users and a workshop with carbon project developer South Pole to explore emerging opportunities for biochar project development, including market insights, methodological landscape, and an interactive demonstration of the Grain platform. The workshop will be held on March 21, from 10am-12pm in Anaheim California as part of the North American Carbon World Conference. “The Grain team has been fantastic to work with and we’re excited to be partnering with them to help drive innovation in this space. The biochar market is evolving rapidly and collaborations like these are critical for accelerating carbon removal and working together to ensure a true climate impact,” said Hannes Etter, Technology Strategy Deputy Director for Biochar at South Pole.

“We look forward to seeing new partners, customers and future collaborators at North American Carbon World,” said Grain Ecosystem co-founder and CEO, Ryan J. Letourneau. “Working with industry leaders like South Pole will be critical to our ability to meet the needs of the biochar offset market initially, and other markets going forward.”

North American Carbon World will be held in Anaheim March 21-23, 2023.

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Grain Ecosystem was created to address global warming and accelerate decarbonization by unlocking the supply of impactful carbon offsets. Its innovative platform streamlines the long, complex, and expensive certification process for carbon offset projects, creating opportunities for new carbon offset projects.

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