Grayscale Won the Title of “Most Reliable Forex Broker” by World Finance Outlook

Grayscale Won the Title of “Most Reliable Forex Broker” by World Finance Outlook

Grayscale Won the Title of “Most Reliable Forex Broker” by World Finance Outlook

UNITED STATES, March 16, 2023 / — According to the March 9 international finance magazine, “World Finance Outlook” organized by the “World Finance Outlook Awards 2023” announced the list of winners, the award multi-dimensional consideration of business model, corporate value and development strategy to select the industry’s leading companies around the world. GrayScale was awarded the title of “Most Reliable Forex Broker” for its leading technology and professional services.

World Finance Outlook, an international media that focuses on global macroeconomic and business market trends, has been organizing the annual World Finance Outlook Awards since its inception in 2015. The criteria for this year’s awards cover Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and other regions, providing a fair and objective selection of the world’s leading companies, such as stable operations, technological innovation, development and other aspects.

World finance Outlook often focuses on the most innovative companies and business leaders in the industry, and has been awarded to Digital Currency Group, American Core Environmental Group, Bank of Singapore and many others. GrayScale received the award for its solid business performance and high client growth in a complex external environment.

With over $2.9 billion in daily forex trading volume, over 180,000 active clients worldwide, and an order matching engine that processes over 500,000 trades per day in its Dallas data center, GrayScale is the preferred choice of automated traders as an ultra-low spread forex broker.

GrayScale says their mission is to provide retail clients and institutional traders alike with the most professional and transparent trading environment that allows traders to focus more on trading, while being committed to providing traders with superior spreads, execution and service, as well as having strict management discipline and best-in-class controls in a compliant environment to ensure that investors purchase GrayScale’s products safely and smoothly.

GrayScale is licensed by the Financial Services Administration (NFA) to provide services in designated jurisdictions within the U.S. economic zone, and also holds an MSB license from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau, an agency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which is regulated for money services related businesses and companies, GrayScale operates the site to provide services in designated jurisdictions outside the U.S. economic zone services outside the U.S. economic zone.

GrayScale principal said they will work to obtain more compliance-certified asset licenses around the world to provide users with a stable and qualified investment playground, allowing traders to focus more on their trading.

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