National Toboggan Championships 2023: Easygoing, happy crowd gathers for annual midwinter competition

National Toboggan Championships 2023: Easygoing, happy crowd gathers for annual midwinter competition

CAMDEN — The chute took a new path this yr, dumping toboggan racers into bales of hay rather of the Hosmer Pond ice, and it was a shorter, gentler descent down aspect of Ragged Mountain. But no one fussed in truth, most of the hundreds of men and women who collected at the Camden Snow Bowl Feb. 5 for the 32nd once-a-year Nationwide Toboggan Championships were just delighted the Arctic blast of the circumpolar vortex had eased off with extra affordable temperatures prevailing.

Smiles ended up everywhere, from Tobogganville to the stairs to the top rated of the chute (fantastic cardio training, specially those hauling major toboggans), to Fieldtown and areas of the parking lot, exactly where tailgating about campfires spelled ease and comfort and heat, and eventually, to the bottom of the chute. That’s where the toboggans landed after barreling down a more than a thoroughly hewn chute of packed snow, previous the time clock and spilling riders on to brake mats (ground carpets).

The chute had been relocated this yr thanks to to warmer than typical January temperatures, leaving Hosmer Pond with open h2o up until a lot less than a week ahead of the Feb. 5 championships.

Inside of the timing shack, veteran announcer Tom Dowd and a crew stored a thorough check out on the descent of each toboggan load – furnishing the names of the rivals, historic vignettes and observations of the individuals, some who have been in the championships due to the fact the starting.

“Despite the climate whiplash thrust upon us this calendar year, all people who raced on Sunday experienced a good time, and we’re tremendous appreciative, that we essentially retained pivoting and held the party,” said Holly Anderson, Camden Snow Bowl assistant director. “While it was tense, dealing with the twists and turns of tremendous heat weather conditions, followed by the Arctic freeze in the last days, leading up to the celebration, we were being super blessed to be able to have a excellent pretty at ease day for the function on Sunday. Total, I call it a full gain and I don’t consider there’s significantly that can be thrown at this committee that we cannot triumph over to deliver a good winter toboggan race occasion in Camden.”

Contributors arrived from different states — Ohio, Massachusetts, just one license plate on a camper explained U.S. Virgin Islands — as properly as Ontario and New Brunswick. 

The occasion draws an usually eclectic crowd, with different enterprises and entities, like the Rockport Hearth Division, making an enthusiastic and welcoming neighborhood reunion, no make a difference what the temperature throws at the region.

Here are the winners:

4-Human being Division

Very first: #202 – Whiskey on Ice 4 – 10.30 seconds
Jonathan Maxcy, Greg Davis, Dave Lorentzen, Steve Lorentzen (Warren, ME)

Second: #201 – Whiskey on Ice – 10.45 seconds
Jonathan Maxcy, Josh Brow, Joel Perry, Steve Lorentzen (Warren, ME)

3rd: #287 – Crazy Canuks – 10.55 seconds
Justin Agnew, Mat Fitzgerald, Derick Weeks, Adam Valentate (Fredericton, NB)

3-Particular person Division

Initial: #167 – Bolt 3 – 10.41 seconds
Dennis Livoli, Andy Rubenstein, Kody Livoli (Derry, NH)

Second: #157 – Daring 8 – 10.48 seconds (tie breaker with 10.81 seconds
 Dan Smith, Keith Price tag, Allen Hoy (Fairlawn, OH)

Third: KS Turtle Torque Toboggan Crew 1 – 10.48 seconds (tie breaker with 10.82 seconds)
Cleve Walstrom, Brad Crimmins, Rachel Gahan (Marysville, KS)

2-Particular person Division

To start with: #2 – Two Whiskeys on Ice – 10.47 seconds
Jonathan Maxcy, David Lorentzen (Warren, ME)

Next: #35 – Maxcy Pad – 10.59 seconds (tie breaker with 10.40 seconds)
 Jonathan Maxcy, Sarah Maxcy (Warren, ME)

Third: #99 – Sliding Dirtier – 10.59 seconds (tie breaker with 10.83 seconds)
Russell Sherman, Heath Derby (Bridgeport, VT)

Swiftest Qualifying Run:

#201 – Whiskey on Ice – 10.10 seconds
Jonathan Maxcy, Greg Davis, Dave Lorentzen, Steve Lorentzen (Warren, ME)

Swiftest All-Feminine Staff:
#238 – Shear Insanity – 10.34 seconds
Sarah Maxcy, Carrie Overlock, Amanda Overlock, Jerica Obar (Warren, ME)

Quickest College student Team:
#309 – Ratchet Straps (Central Aroostook High School & Higher Houlton Christian Academy) – 10.74 seconds, Reed Birmingham-CAHS, Kellen McCrumm-CAHS, Abby Duff-GHCA, Anicia Whited-GHCA (Bridgewater, ME)

Oldest Staff:
#27 – Frogs on a Log – Typical age 83
Chip Maury, Paul Johnson (Amston, CT)

Greatest Crafted Toboggan:
#287 – Nuts Canuks
Justin Agnew, Mat Fitzgerald, Derick Months, Adam Valentate (Fredericton, NB)

Winner of the workforce drawing for the Ariens S18 Snow Thrower:
#235 – Sirius Sledders
Willard Prenatt, Jacob Wilhelm, Sedona Sloan, Chris Nurnberger (Noblesville, IN)